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Velux Window Repairs Dunham Massey

Velux Window Repairs Dunham MasseyThere are a couple of reasons why you may want your existing Velux glass unit replacing – whether it is just to upgrade to a new low-energy pane or due to the fact that your existing glass unit has failed or cracked.

When the glazing unit has deteriorated the level of insulation is greatly reduced. By simply installing a brand new low-energy pane you will not only be extending the operational term of your Velux window, but also helping to reduce your energy costs and carbon copy on the environment.

Our service engineers will be pleased to offer advice on choosing the right type of glass for you – whether you choose our standard toughened glass units or would like to upgrade to:

  • Toughened
  • Laminated
  • Triple-glazing
  • K-glass/Low-E/Soft coat
  • Argon gas filled
  • Warm-edge spacer bar
  • Self cleaning glass

So that we can give you an accurate quotation, we need the code - this is located in the top right corner of the top sash behind the ventilation flap. It looks like this:

Velux Window Repairs Dunham Massey
  1. Type
  2. Size
  3. Variant
  4. Production code


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