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Sunday, 12 June 2016 09:12

Failed Units and Replacement Glass – The Problem, The Solution

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Contrary to popular belief, failed double-glazing units aren’t just common – they’re pretty much guaranteed! You might feel as if you’ve been dealt a bum hand when your own units blow, but in reality it’s largely inevitable. After all, there isn’t a double-glazed unit on the face of the Earth that’s designed to last for all eternity, meaning that sooner or later, they’re going to let you down.

Which is why it makes sense to invest in the very best units you can get your hands on in the first place. The better the quality, the less likely you’ll be needing replacement glass or a whole house-worth of new windows and doors prematurely. Spend a little extra when buying in the first place and you could save a fortune further down the line.

The Problem

Failed units usually make themselves known when condensation and moisture begin to appear between the glass panels in a sealed double-glazed unit. It may start out as a minor annoyance, but over time will only get worse. What’s more, the moisture will slowly but surely begin leaving unsightly marks on the inside of the unit which you yourself cannot get to. And along with the unit looking anything but its best, the fact that it has failed means it will no longer be nearly as efficient or secure as it once was.

So if this is the case, what could have caused your double-glazed units to fail?

  • Age – Well, as already mentioned above the single most common cause is age. No double-glazed units are designed to last forever, meaning that sooner or later their seals will inevitably fail. How long they last will be determined by many things, including exposure to certain weather conditions and overall quality
  • Quality – If you buy low-quality windows in the first place, it is inevitable that they will degrade and ultimately fail at a much earlier age
  • Damage – It could also be that some kind of impact or excessive force has resulted in the seal being compromised, resulting in the failure of your double-glazed unit

The Solution

Replacement glass where possible will almost always work out a much better option than having your full window units replaced from scratch. It’s not always possible, but the benefits of replacement glass where double-glazed units have failed include:

  • Save Time – The replacement process itself is much quicker, as the full windows themselves remain exactly where they are
  • Save Money – It will generally work out exponentially cheaper to go about replacing a failed double-glazed unit, than to take the whole window frame out and replace the entire thing
  • Less Disruption – An easier job that takes less time to complete also means less disruption for your home and its occupants
  • Fully Guaranteed – Choose the highest-quality replacement glass products and benefit from extensive warranties, just as would be expected if you had your windows replaced entirely

And there you have it – a common problem with a surprisingly simple solution!

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